We Are Pushing For Open Information Exchange, Enhancing Humanitarian Response Coordination and Saving Lives.

The Open Humanitarian Initiative strives to revolutionize how information is shared in humanitarian response by engaging nongovernmental organizations, academic institutions, private sector technology companies, donors and governments in a shared vision that advocates for open data.

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Our Framework

  • Initiative

    A push to bring the concept of open data into the humanitarian space by addressing the political, technological and capacity issues that currently limit information sharing during disasters

  • Alliance

    A broad public-private partnership alliance of organizations that are working towards better information sharing during humanitarian response

  • Fund

    A multi-partner trust fund that will finance the initiative


The Open Humanitarian Initiative (OHI) focuses on enabling better information flow in times of crisis. It has been widely shown that in a crisis, getting timely access to information is a matter of life and death. Despite efforts to improve, the flow of information among aid agencies and with the people they help has consistently been overlooked. Affected communities have also been left without proper access to information and ability to influence the response.

Throughout this ambitious five-year initiative, humanitarian responders and affected communities will immediate benefit by, being provided much-needed information to: enhance situational awareness, analysis, and decision-making; reduce response time and make response more effective; provide better outcomes and reduce costs through reduced duplications of effort.


The Open Humanitarian Alliance (OHA) brings together organizations and individuals from humanitarian response organizations, academic institutions, government agencies, and private sector companies that want to work together towards this vision of better information sharing and involvement of the communities. This broad partnership enables the transformative change required to address such a complex issue.


The Open Humanitarian Fund (OHF) is a multi-partner fund, focused on funding projects that accelerate this transformational shift towards open data in the humanitarian space. It brings together funding from multilateral and bilateral donors, as well as from foundations, corporations and individuals. Once launched, organizations will be able to apply for funding from OHF towards project that align with the vision of the OHI.

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We welcome humanitarian organizations, academic institutions, private sector companies, governments and donors to join us in this important initiative. Reach out to us to see how you can become involved.

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